HRI 2019 Workshop



  With the emergence of flexible displays and wearable devices allowing them to be mechanically robust against deformation, sensors and actuators for human-machine interfaces are required to be soft to be embedded into flexible mechanisms. In the area of material science, various types of soft materials for sensors and actuators have been investigated for a longtime. For example, electroactive polymers, shape memory alloy, pneumatic mechanism and others coupled mechanisms have been proposed for the deformable actuators. Soft sensors also adopt current cutting-edge technologies based on piezoelectric, dielectric, optical, electrical, resistive, and capacitive changes in accordance with external strain, stress, force and etc. Owing to attractive benefits from light-weight, flexibility, non-geometric constraints, cost effectiveness, and miniaturization, the soft sensors and actuators configured to a thin film are capable of enlarging their potentials to user experience interfaces in human-machine/robot interaction. We hope soft sensors and actuators will contribute to opening up many opportunities in biomimetic robots, soft robots, haptic interface as well as artificial muscles. However, many issues like power consumption, speed, robustness and scalability are still open research topics than need to be tackled in order to see this type of sensors and actuators move into the main stream commercial devices. Global leading scientists in soft sensors, actuator and materials field will be invited to this workshop for sharing their approach and experience. This workshop will introduce the area of soft/flexible sensors and actuators, discuss current developments in the area, and an open discussion will take place on the future of these type of sensors and actuators in the area of human-robot interaction. 


    Sang-Youn Kim (,

   ● Professor, Korea University of Technology and Education (KOREATECH) 
   ● Director of Interaction Laboratory
   ● Director of Advanced Technology Research Center 

   ● 2004~2006 Researcher, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea 
   ● 2004 Ph.D. Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST 

   Ki-Uk Kyung (,

   ● Associate Professor, KAIST
   ● Director of Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory
   ● 2006~2017 Director, Smart UI/UX Device Research Section, ETRI, Korea 
   ● 2015 Early Career Award, IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics 
   ● 2006 Ph.D. Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST 

  Half Day Workshop
    10:00~10:30 Introductory Talk (Ki-Uk Kyung)

    10:30~11:10 Soft Sensors and Actuators for Haptic Interface (Ki-Uk Kyung) 

    11:10~11:50 Transparent and  Soft Haptic Actuators (Sang-Youn Kim) 

    11:50~12:30 Soft Sensors (Minsuk Kim)

   ● 4~5 speakers will be invited to this workshop. 
   ● Invited speakers will introduce their experience for sharing knowhow and state-of-the-art
      on soft sensors and actuators for human-robot interaction.

The workshop is open to any student, researcher as well as end user interested in designing innovative soft sensors and actuator for human-robot interaction

We will open a website for this workshop by the end of Nov. 2018 and the page will be updated continuously until April 2019

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